The Plural Purple People Place

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The Plural Purple People Place

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Cheasadh Dathrii Trollfinger, female gnome child, 1/9/2009; her Teddiursa, Pookie. Owns a magical staff allowing some control of nature and foreseeing tragedy.
Lady Natalie Flome, female human (latent shapeshifter) conjurer and magician, 30/11/2003; also herself as Eurasian otter Lutra lutra, European robin Erithacus rubea, spider monkey Ateles fusciceps, chameleon Furcifer pardalis, loxodon Loxothropa sapiens extremis and sloth/girl hybrid.
Prince-Consort(?) Prumathe Brignole of the Scorching Depths, male human golemcraefter and husband to Queen Sekhmet Brignole of the Scorching Depths, father to Prince Aethelred Brignole and adoptive father of Princess Mary Brignole.
Baccata, female dryad psychopomp, petty goddess; her misanthropic yew Taxus baccata planted in GLoG and also many afterlives. Bob and Bill, her skulls.
?????, a restless soul scooped from the Endless River by Baccata and given a new body of leaflitter and mud; formerly the Bleached Strider.

Benedict Beaulieu, Esquire, male human occultist; his wives, Libertine Beaulieu, female tiefling pollution elementalist and Mergei Beaulieu, female human coppercloud; his child, Donatien Beaulieu, male tiefling infant; born 27/4/2022.
Liam Edwards, male human supervillain/Tinker; his occasional companion, Polly, the drone; meddles with technology he can't understand.
Baroness Symannta Argentappendens, known as iWear, female human supervillain/tinker; specialising in technology that can be worn. Circa 2004.
Adrie, the Weevil of Antwerp, male humanoid parasite, compelled to spread his young.
Mister Slash, male bogeyman; traded his mortal name to a wall that wanted to be a man in exchange for a window; heavy glass-aligned, and sworn to serve the King in Rags.

Frigate, male warforged sailor and bodyguard of MERC; collects flintlock firearms and survives shipwrecks by walking ashore.
Jacqueline Door, female jackdawshifter urban explorer and nomad, c.1999; touched by Empyreans.
Mishnehel, once Brianelle, female Empyrean tanker; half magpie, half bison, half oak tree and with too many hands; was a half-elf with a bit of doppelganger.
Sian Farkas, female human gunslinger and mercenary; a trained helicopter pilot. Born 1989. Owns and flies a Kawasaki KH-4, also a magical Coat of Arms that produces pistols when she reaches into one of the large pockets. Wanted by at least one Skyside group under the name Samantha Borroughs.
Boada Slipfinger, female halfsprite pickpocket, thief and burglar; recently recovered her wings; height varies between just over 6" and just under 5'- always those two heights exactly. Can knock.
Chosen Harriet of Hyperion, female human Vault-Dweller and godstouched; low-level radioactive.
Arch-Mage Vaveli Saladnius, female Dunmer Dovahkiin and conjurer of the College of Winterhold.
Mrs. Thirli Bloodplunder, female human retired barbarian queen and the elderly matriarch of an orc-blooded family; her son, Ugthurz Bloodplunder; his sons, Yamarz and Grugthar; her adoptive granddaughter Hope Burning On The Pyre Of Despair; her great-grandson Aigothurz Bloodplunder of PREP, c. 2007, destined to rebuild his great-grandfather's empire.
Aizkora, Neanderthal host of Mama Smilodon, of the Road Pirates; born 40,000 years ago, adopted as a babe 28/8/1997.

Felicity Felixdottir, female mutant lab tech of Vigil; keep away from open flames.
David Antrebouche, known as Shunt, male mutant vigilante of Skyside; telekinetic bubble.
Flicker, female mutant speedster and thug; rapid short-distance teleportation.
Spewer, male mutant visceral empath; Flicker's boyfriend, projectile vomits liquid fear.
Professor Arnold Payne, male mutant scientist, producer of super-serums, vomits up short-lived minions.

Aigothurz Bloodplunder the Second, 1/16 human orc, destined to rebuild his great-grandfather's nomad empire of a quarter of a world. His hatchet, inhabited by a shadow of Aigothurz Bloodplunder the First. DoB unknown, 2007.
Gemini LeJeun, a human girl with two bodies; gunner/loader of the Collatoral Damage, a British Cruiser Mk. IV. 3/2/2008.
Synthia Smith, an apparently mechanical girl of bronze and steel, with multiple faces and weapon fold-outs, driver of the Collatoral Damage, a British Cruiser Mk. IV. ??/??/????
Olivette 'Fred' Nilrem, one-eyed human magical girl with a nimcha; did not make a deal with Kyubey. Commander of the Collatoral Damage, a British Cruiser Mk. IV. 13/5/2008.
Agate Brignole, a copper-haired dwarf Magical Girl and adopted sister of Prumathe; born 5/4/2012. Her implement is a harmonica pistol, and her element is sound. Blessed by Asami, granting a pyrotechnic mix to her magic.
Mat the Squirrel, female Mossflower squirrel and granddaughter of Rackety Tam McBurl; inherited a Valyrian steel bastard sword named Oakheart from her parents. 13/3/2008. Her brother, Boorab; a compulsive gambler.
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Re: The Plural Purple People Place

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Slaver's Guild

Council of Masked Guildmasters
Their identities officially a secret, not even their underlings know the identities of these people, nor how many sit on the council.
Master Harry Gilderman: Former master of GIRLS, this human male retired after an escapee hurled a bolt of fire in his face, seriously injuring him. He no longer plays an active part in the Guild's day-to-day business, but maintains a seat on the Council and a corresponding vote to go with it.
Director Raodan, the Reject: A horrendously ugly man, Raodan the Reject is the only individual known to have access to the Council. This is because he's responsible for the Guild's security operations and is responsible for the guards around the streets and the various shop's anti-theft measures.
Sashayess, The Silver: Mistress of the Exotic Slave shop is herself exotic; a lamia with a human torso attached centaur-like to the body of a lion. She enjoys the despair of her charges, and her native abilities ensure she's able to keep even the trickier merchandise under control. Also the reason why the Council don't meet in person. Deceased.
Dame Yairstuth: A githyanki exile, Dame Yairstuth is in charge of MALE and its masculine stock.
Lady Itotia: An Amazon, tall and muscular, she's head of the gladiators and the Guild's television studio. Many of her direct underlings are former gladiators, rising from slave to overseer in the same way Lady Itotia did.
Mister Olyvar Thremp: A leatherworker, he represents all the members of the Guild who are not directly involved in slaving. The manufacturers of chains, collars, whips, cages and also the doctors, tattooists and bar staff at the Noose and Shackle pub.

High Masters
The highest rank most people deal with, all of the above figures are believed to only possess this rank (with the exception of Matron Jellybubbles, who is officially not a member of the Guild at all). The day-to-day managers of the shops, high-end warehouse employees, and the heads of the Guild's outposts usually hold this rank.
Alecto Gildsdottir: Daughter of Harry Gilderman, Alecto spends a lot of time travelling Skyside organising slave routes, collecting new stock, and restocking the shops from the warehouse. She also officially runs GIRLS, but mostly leaves this to her boyfriend, her mothers and her older siblings. Given that one of her siblings was executed and another has disappeared with rumours that she was sold, Alecto feels this helps keep them out of trouble and they need all the help they can get.
Magda: Hagraven who runs the pet shop, she doesn't see much difference between the talking stock, the non-talking stock, and her customers.

Low Masters
Guild sergeants and specialists, these individuals have authority over slaves and the Guild's grunts but no authority further than that. They typically report to one or two High Masters depending on who and where they are- a Low Master at the warehouse would answer to the head of the warehouse operation for certain, and if they work in security they answer to Raodan too. The clerics and mages employed by the Guild are usually this rank or higher.
Jasper Myrmillo: Part-time gladiator and ex-barman at Noose and Shackles, Alecto's boyfriend and usually found either behind the counter at GIRLS or accompanying his girlfriend on a mission.
Thaddimire 'Thadd': An obese half-orc, leader of a security squad, he wears a tailored suit under a breastplate and a morion-style helmet. He answers to Raodan and only Raodan.

Bottom of the Guild hierarchy, grunts include the security guards, leatherworkers, bartenders, and anyone whose job can't just be done by a slave but doesn't require much responsibility. Security guards are primarily orcs, human Gunners, rhynocs, and other amoral mercenaries willing to work for the Guild in exchange for a discount.

I don't play many of these; they're people who work for the Guild outside the established hierarchy, doing things the Guild can either deny later or things that the Guild doesn't need often enough to need a full-time position. Includes priests, detectives, bounty hunters, smugglers and gunsmiths.
Doctor Master: A tall humanoid with a mirrored glass dome for a head and wearing dark blue overalls with seven fingers on each hand. He's a biological alterationist with access to vats that turn humans into animal-human hybrids; he also has light-based memory-editing technology, allowing him to delete his victim's prior memories and give them skills that make them more valuable.
-Miss Kitty, Doctor Master's right-hand girl, a sphynx/human with medical knowledge and who drives a Peel Trident.
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