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Recaiden Character Repository

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Characters that have shown up at least twice.

More important ones will have their own posts, below.
  • Message - Minor good goddess. Domain includes: Night-time, healing, protection, meteors, and communication with the dead.
  • Anchor - Human wizard. The part of Message that confronted awful things and continued adventuring.
  • Leah - Tiger-centaur knight who runs a little town around the Skullfort. The part of Message that settled down and devoted herself to something.
  • Hunter - Thrill-seeking warrior who lives in the Hunting Grounds. The part of Message that is most true to her original self.
  • Sun-and-Moon (Alice) - A cyborg centauress sent to VIGIL
  • Aaiesi - A demon infused alien hive mother
  • It That Takes - The Ineffable Lord of flame, once a mere elemental, now attached to Anima's family and meddling in the affairs of gods.
  • Bloom - Bio-engineered feathery church acolyte and space adventurer who's trying to learn enough to run her own temple. Meta-Character
  • Ash/Skye/The General, supreme leader of Southside.
  • Tao - A colony of shapechanging tiny dragons with amnesia who has become a mercenary.
  • Honeysuckle - Wild kitsune who wears a blindfold to control her powers.
  • Yone - The Wonderworker. Giraffe-lion-thing. Former student of BC
  • Alucleosepha - Ambiguously evil dragon wizard. Busy with her family.
  • Cloud - Scorpion Sun God of the Floating Church. Constantly traveling on church business.
  • Atorre - Hive mind mad scientist from a Skyside noble house. Busy working in heaven.
  • Alex (Chevin) - Blind clockwork alien superhero. Formerly a Seeker, until changed by Malukhar. Runs their flying island mostly.
  • Mei - Electrum dragon who works with space and weather. Rumors of death greatly exaggerated. Checks in on the Nexus once in a while.
  • Arlem - Shape-shifting psychic homemaker, priest, and VIGIL member who toes the line of evil. Usual wielder of the Great Blade Dorothy.
  • Kestrel - Robot janitor/surgeon/mercenary.
  • -Eirikae- - Messenger-steward at the skullfort. Waiting until this whole afterlife thing really gets going.
  • Carmen - The vampire queen of Icehome, space adventurer, and chess player.
  • Anima - Chosen of It That Takes. Transformed by a meddlnig god into a part-wolf centaur.
  • Maria Kayin - An astronomer who's bounced from cult to cult, who had her body stolen by Nadas.
  • Danir Telue - Rebellious disinherited sorceress. Cleo's mother, Leah's grandmother.
  • Karen - Manticore who lives in Skullfort Town after becoming an orphan.
  • Alexis - A gorgon who is Message's head priestess.
  • Omiko - Immortal gibbering cat-demon Elder whose line abandoned the others to flee after the crash and whose Linebearer was rescued by Nick.
  • Susila - A young pale minotaur working as a page.
  • Roth - Half elf, half mirror spider. The former empress of Harritu. Slightly mad. Flies a hot-air balloon.
  • Moschu - An exiled warrior princess who is also a time-traveling giant spider.
  • Ankhenesmeryre so Sep73r - A kid who's also a cat and a spiky bug.
  • Torry so Omiko - A kid who's also a cat and really anxious.
  • Shan so Karutomiko - A horrible monster who's also a kid who's a cat and a bird.
  • Neverest - A photoraptor who just seems here to celebrate, and works as a traveling merchant of curiousities alongside-
  • Shockwave - An oil fire elemental.
  • Yisui - A tiny reporter.
The following characters could reappear at any moment, but probably won't.
The following characters are dead in a way that makes them unlikely to reappear.
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Re: Recaiden Character Repository

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Look at all this!

Anchor Danir

Sex: Female
Race: Fey, Human form
Age: Anchor appears to be 20 years old, though there's a lot of time magic and complexity involved.
Alignment: Red / Chaotic Goodish
Class: Wizard
Physical Description: She's a human woman with olive skin, further darkened by the sun. She's got straight black hair, with long bangs, sharply cut. She's short, only 4'10", but looks solidly built. High cheekbones and a small pointed nose. Her facial expression is usually a little nervous.
She's always wearing sunglasses, even indoors, but behind that her eyes are grey and angular.
She's likely wearing clothes for horseback riding, a dark red cloak, a lion's teeth necklace, and a few guns. Her shadow doesn't quite follow her movements exactly, and sometimes doesn't look like her, or even look human at all.
Personality: Anchor is often talking in circles and correcting her earlier statements. She has a slightly mean sense of humor, and is reckless and carefree.
Backstory: After Alkania (the first Anchor) died, her body was stolen by a necromancer, and reanimated as the first of the animus shadow-ghouls (the 2nd Anchor). This creature was eventually killed and brought back, plain and alive, at the temple of Inari (the 3rd Anchor).
Upon finally making her way home to the Skullfort, Anchor discovered that she had been replaced by a robot clone, Leah.
Having been greatly weakened by dying , she engrossed herself in study of magic from Thormoses's spellbook.
When she had a basic understanding of them, she set off as a wandering heroine and had various adventures: Apologized to Naku. Fought demons alongside Eschelle. Learned secrets of the Elder Continent from a graverobber. Got over her old crush. Helped steal a demon-staff. Stole a kitsune's shadow. Fought the vulture king. Helped a renegade demon kill his pursuers. Overthrew a kingdom. Collected birds with Koshal. Cured Karl of his amnesia. Intruded on the Hunting Grounds. Rescued St. Lazarus from zombies. Attended the Autumn Equinox Ball. Showed newcomers the GLoG medical lab. Went to the Masque and ran into Jack, then explored the town and faced a spectre on their date. Found Zophiel on the beach. Defeated the saint of forgetfulness. Rescued past-Sekhmet from hell. Saved some people kidnapped by mermaids while accidentally kidnapping Amatheia. Saved Coralia and the other mermaids. Stopped a fight in Rivergreen and helped Myriam find the evil wizard and her own genealogy. Helped exorcise the other Zophiel.

Anchor has a series of swords, spears, spellbooks, and guns, which can appear out of the shadow world at a moment's notice.
  • Book of Resplendent Magic: old parchment rebound in the skin of a drowned man, with spells taken from a lich.
  • Tome of Tigers: Pyromancy
  • Tome of Bones: Necromancy
  • Book of the Ship: an assortment of spells learned from the rakshasa Kitty.
  • Beastbreaker: A three-pointed spear or very narrow trident of exceptional length. Originally belonged to The Empress. It has its own will and actively seeks to fight monsters.
  • Memory Spear - An elegant bright weapon used to fight an Empyrean. The air around it is filled with subtle music, a warm glow, a clean scent. Touching it brings pleasant memories bubbling to the surface, memories long forgotten.
  • Firme: An unbreakable flame-bladed sword of light black crystal, so large that it ought to be a three-handed-sword.
  • Steelsword: A hastily made weapon, only useful to fight demons.
  • Binding Blade: a chipped obsidian sword with incomprehensible red sigils along its blade. Unusually single-minded and violent, even for a sword.

Anchor's Shadow

Sex: Female
Race: ???
Physical Description: Even when the light sources would tend not to do so, Anchor casts a single well-defined shadow, which generally looks like a taller woman with with long flowing hair, sharp claws on her fingertips, birdlike wings, and an indistinct tail.
Personality: Though diligent whenever they need to do something, Anchor's shadow is playful and mischievous when she can get away with it. She feels strongly, and easily gets carried away.
Backstory: The strange shadow appeared alongside the 3rd Anchor. Since then it has accompanied her on her adventures, luring other shadows away from their owners when it can, and growing stranger and darker as it does so.

The shadow can move and act independently from Anchor, as long as there's a little light to work with. Either of them can swap places, go to the other, or send things to the other, in any combination. Occasionally, the shadow can reach into our dimensions and exert some small physical force.
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