Thursday's things (it's all Harley or June)

Herein lies the various character directory threads for the players
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Thursday's things (it's all Harley or June)

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Thanks for coming to my TED talk

I have characters

I'm sure I'll eventually put their info in here. Waiting with bated breath for me to put it here.
Might even put one-off characters, NPCs, and other things here, too. Maybe. Dunno. Guess you'll have to wait to find out if I do or not.
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Re: Thursday's things (it's all Harley or June)

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Locations that I've created so that I can reuse them:
* = likely to use again because of how fleshed out they are

Towns and Cities

(unnamed) - coastal town in the past that, towards the present became part of Inside's Docks section
Japaraita - small town with creek, nearby creekbed and plains get flooded during winter by ocean water, which is how it gets its name. Near Shadowhaven. Has a single modest gambling house/tavern, and downstream there's the ruins of an old castle whose weight caused a depression as it sunk into the ground and led to its bottom half getting flooded, as it basically turned into a brackish lake during the yearly floodings.
*Caldas da Rainha - resort town built around hot springs and spa culture, with manueline architecture. Founder of city was a princess-turned-priestess foxgirl with two tails (has Riftline station) who moved away from her sister's kingdom for medical reasons, and her descendant Violeta Escarlate still lives in Caldas da Rainha and is now a single mother
*Shadowhaven - underground city with large underground lake and lots of pale redheaded elves, shadow people, and maybe mushroom people (has Riftline station)
(unnamed) - ogre village, everyone's nice during day, but don't stay past sunset (don't know why tbh) Has ties to smuggling due to its connection to the Smuggler's Pathway
(unnamed) - near the coast, has lots of weird cultists who sacrifice something
(unnamed) - village near the coast, treats outsiders really strangely and probably also has different cultists. Nearby, there's two competing mages' colleges.
*Port Valdez - coastal shipwreck village (with many buildings built out of wrecked ships) that's half underwater and features lots of mermaids, water nymphs, sailors, and slimegirls (near HALO). Half of the town is above water, half is below water, and there's piers and docks that allow landdwellers to visit the upper floors of some of the water-bound areas. There's also a bounty office. Nearby, there's reefs with wrecked ships that have cursed skeleton pirates, underwater seacaves that still need to be partially explored.
*(unnamed) - mermaid fort, no men allowed only mermaid soldiers and mermaid priestesses. Captured land-dwellers are given a mermaids' kiss so they can breathe underwater and are kept in prison here. Most of the soldiers were mermaids who didn't meet the qualification to become priestesses.
(unnamed) mermaid village where mermaids sometimes pilgrimage to, in the deep part of the river near the mermaid fort. Priestesses frequently swim up to a waterfall to perform ritual reenactments.
(unnamed) - deepsea merpeople city somewhat nearby the mermaid fort
*(unnamed) - a riverside city just above the fall line, with a massive boat-capable river, very corrupt and wealthy and is a trade hub, prominently features magical animal breeding and fighting, slave trade, smuggling, and piracy, has direct trade routes to both Riverside and Skyside. The part of the city with the most wealth, corruption, and evil is called the Dark Quarter, and the waterfall just below town has an ancient mermaid's wrathful forgotten sword goddess sealed inside it, where mermaid priestesses frequently come to do rituals, and also has a quasi-village at the bottom of the cliffs for the purpose of delivering goods from the bottom to the top.
(unnamed) - town where everyone gets turned to stone when out of sunlight b/c of a witch's curse and a green light that shines from the mountain in the morning. Nearby carnivorous conifers ("Carnifers"). West of the same mountain range as Caldas da Rainha.
(unnamed) - a cursed ghost town
(unnamed) - succubus village in a swamp, got frozen in time and will remain so until someone with divinity goes nearby
(unnamed) - a village near Shadowhaven that got "engulfed in 'solidity and unchangingness and matter' with its hope and dreams and potential to change being stripped from it"
Snowbush - a small out-of-the-way village that has a Riftline station, just because it's the biggest thing around it
(unnamed) - Spa town built around a mystical moonwell by former AMEN henchmen
Shorebeach - a harbor town that trades with mermaids and islands but is otherwise pretty secluded from any route on land, other than a small and dangerous road
Brickelwhyte - a small town nearby Inside
Oliveira do Hospital - a small town literally in the middle of nowhere
Cavendish - An unremarkable town between Shadowhaven and Inside, has Riftline stop
(unnamed) - A town farther from Inside than Shadowhaven; currently features a lot of zombie maids (not actually zombies, but rather magically-infectious maids that kill victims and then turn their corpses into maids), presumably features a manor with a magic-wielding noble in charge of it, too


*Skull/Mountain Cave(?) - features a ruined castle, ghosts, a massive multi-layered dungeon, and a few other things. The cave itself tells the long story of the kingdom's ruin and the disappearance of several companies hired to excavate it. Features various things such as an undead gorilla on the loose, a secret additional shadow floor, body parts of the mad queen in boxes, and prison system where the prisoners are magically trapped so long as their 'pair' prisoner is still alive, with the dungeon's first basement featuring a long hallway with various prisoners cursed with eternal life, the second basement with trapped demons, the third basement has cursed skeletal animals, the fourth basement has empty cells and shadow people, and the fifth basement has the kingdom's worst and strongest prisoners locked in an eternal battle. Within the same mountain range as Caldas da Rainha.

Natural Locations

Dysphotic Swamp - A dangerous swampy area that's perpetually twilight. Many adventurers die in there. There's glowing mushrooms, dragon skeletons, corruptive pink mist, flood plains, and the area is boxed in by large rivers on each side and steep hills. For wildlife, there's carnivorous plants, zombie slimes that climb from branch to branch and drip zombie slime gunk onto people's wounds to make them go back to their camp and attack the people there, and floral tigers that work as ambush predators who have flowers growing on them and give off floral scents. There's a ranger's station (with an unfrequently-used bus stop, and a gas station) and a parking lot that warns people the dangers of the swamp and reasons not to go in there. Buses go to Shadowhaven, Snowbush, Shorebeach, Brickelwhyte, and Oliveira do Hospital.
Carnivorous Conifer Forest/Carnifer Forest - Has large trees that consume animals and people, by luring them with the sap, gluing their mouth shut with the sap, and waiting until they suffocate before slowly moving on top of them to use them as fertilizer
Sulphur Lake - Near Carnifer Forest, on the Smuggler's Pathway). The lake itself has hotspots, strongly smells of sulfur, has steam vents, and actually has fish that keep away from certain parts of the lake. There's also a large creature in the middle of the lake. On the edge of the lake is a long-abandoned fisherman's hut that's deteriorating
(there's more but i need to update this, after I find more details and more locations and so on)

City and Connection Locations

*Church of Venus - Located in Inside, on the border of the Docks and the Slums. Just a couple blocks from the Black Dragon's Den. It used to be a prominent but minor religion worshipping a goddess named Venus, but after a scandal involving its high priest and the vanishing of its goddess, it fell to ruin. Recently, a nature spirit named Venus moved in and the place revived, old worshippers started coming back <edit in more description here> viewtopic.php?p=18055#p18055
Smuggler's Pathway - A long, hidden road that goes near trails to various Outside towns, and passes through the Carnifer Forest. The Sulphur Lake is located on it. The only town it actually intersects is the ogre village on one far end of it.
Forested Farm - Has Riftline station that only goes by there three times a day, but also ghost trains stop there sometimes. make sure to not mix up which one you get on.
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Re: Thursday's things (it's all Harley or June)

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Worlds connected to the Nexus that I've created/are connected to my characters

Mirror World - A mirrored universe belonging to Cearta, also known as foxmasklady. Nearly like the real world except mirrored and fallen into ruin, with nature taking over. Those who put on her mask find their souls trapped here.

The Conflux - A kind of negative world/dark multiverse that's basically an alternate universe of the Nexus but where everything goes wrong.

(Harley's world) - An after-the-apocalypse type world, taking place thousands of years in Earth's future, after dozens of apocalypses occurred. Some of the major events include: Most of North America has been turned into a giant oceanic crater. A civilization escaped into a lightless world found through mirrors and mutated into fae. Physical laws of the world slightly modified such that any technology that needs more precision than a wire or a space heater or a stone bridge fell apart. Magic and monsters appeared. Shadow creatures that exist anywhere that's dark began existing. Some humans exposed to some of these elements mutated into various different new races, including an 'Evil Shapeshifter' species that can precisely control their biology as long as they understand and concentrate, but randomly mutate when distracted and are skilled infiltrators. Global warming, magic, and continental drift turned the equator nearly unlivable, much of the world has turned tropical, and Antarctica has turned livable, though still chilly and dark half the year, and Antarctica had a pathway to the Nexus

(Marin's world) - A near-future Earth where every country is at war with each other and commits warcrimes and has massive war research capabilities, using things like power armor, biological warfare, and mind control, putting nanobots in water sources, etc. Also, catgirls exist and have existed for a long time. But being a catgirl is a bloodborn disease, which can affect humans, dogs, some monkeys, and a couple other animal species, and mostly just gives someone cat ears and a cat tail, gives a few instincts, and makes their blood infectious. Also it makes someone susceptible to slave collars, too, but that's about all I can remember at the moment. Mostly travels through blood infusions, or direct contact of large wounds. (Any other animal or even fantasy races are immune to it and can't even be carriers of it.)

(Zophiel's world) - A fantasy world with magic, gods, and others. Instead of the world being made from the four classical elements, everything is made from the seven 'elements' of greed, lust, envy, etc. Because mortals began to outpace the gods in terms of raw power, to the point that even angels completely forsook the gods and integrated themselves with tech and AI and planned on declaring war with the gods, the gods conspired together to make a change to the world, such that time could only flow in the presence of divinity. The few gods who were against this plan were captured and treated as cattle by the other gods so that they could send crystalized divinity to their distant followers, to unfreeze them. The assassin goddess of the night split herself in two and fled to live with her creations, the succubi, but was eventually betrayed by them and a group of paladins and sealed away, and any succubi who were arguably loyal to her were banished to the Nexus. The world now largely consists of large city hubs with their god present, smaller trade hubs with plenty of crystalized divinity, and people traveling with smaller amounts between them along preset paths to avoid dangers that were frozen in time. There's a portal to the Nexus in the swamp near the succubus village.

(Awen's world) - A fantasy world that runs on tabletop gaming mechanics, with cultists running rampant. An old god was slain and now slumbers beyond the stars, and has come to represent the god of monsters and cultists who want to overthrow civilization.

Eris (referring to "The Lesser Mother") - an Earthlike planet that appears pretty similar to Earth but is just different enough in a few key ways. 'Human' refers to any sapient species, feminine words are considered the default 'gender neutral', prophecies and miracles are considered commonplace and normal, parents normally don't name their children but instead people earn their names throughout their lives and can earn multiple names and if they have several can give one away, and the names can directly affect the person with the name, stolen names start rotting away, demons provably exist but the only thing they're capable of is whispering negative thoughts into peoples' minds, normal humans have a 'true name' that connects them to the supernatural, . . . and there's a handful of other various small differences along those lines.

The Dreamscape - basically, people who are sleeping may find themselves here and find themselves in an endless expanse of white space, filled with various doors in various states, and a single pedestal with three empty spaces. Each door represents another person who is currently sleeping, and contains a world built on their subconscious and their memories. The dreamer(s) lost in this place can enter the doors. There's two ways out of this world: sit around for hours and hours and eventually wake up when your alarm goes off in the real world, or travel inside the doors and collect three prominent items/artifacts. Injuries persist between the dreamscape and the real world, but injuries also heal faster in the dreamscape. Once a person places the three artifacts on the pedestal, they wake up and find the three items in their possession, where each of them have magical abilities thematically related to the dreamdoorworld they found them in.
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Re: Thursday's things (it's all Harley or June)

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NPCs that might recur if i get the chance

Skull Cave
Armor wizard - Former court wizard of the fallen kingdom, exiled once the king found out his two princesses were actually his court wizard's children. Fused himself with assorted magical items and living armor to attain immortality.
Red - The armor wizard's daughter from another woman. Wore a red cape. Was in charge of the dungeon and the treasure room, but was reduced to just being a golden skull with ruby eyes, but can still talk to those who are physically touching her.
The Queen - Evil queen of the kingdom, four of her organs and copies of her were split and placed in boxes across the cave. Two of them have been destroyed so far.
Cerridwen Iceshimmer's brother - Sidhe trapped in the bottom floor of the dungeon, with his dragon.

Caldas da Rainha
Violet - A two-tailed foxgirl who's a descendant of the founder of the city. Has a small child, was left at the altar and returned to Caldas da Rainha. Has experience working at the spas in the city. Only exists because the past was altered and her ancestor's life was saved.
The witch's apprentice - Sells magic potions and souvenirs.

Church of Venus
Scorpio Albertus the balding man - Devout believer who hates overly sweet things and is petty
Suzana Melano the woman with dyed-blonde hair and her roots showing - Devout believer who loves sweet things, gossiping, and hot men; dislikes people named Angela
Head priest - Corrupt. Was also in a leadership role decades ago before the decline of the church.
Man with mutated arm - Higher-up that has turned into quasi-fae, arm has mutated to be monstrous and strong
Woman with mutated eye - Higher-up that has turned into quasi-fae, eye has mutated to have extremely good sight
Angela - Brags about her son who's a doctor, and helps organize food drives
Gwyn - Organizes literacy initiatives and food drives to help those in the Slums

(unnamed riverside trade city) with the Dark Quarter
Greg - A fisherman who usually lives in the area just below the waterfall
Gregson - The fisherman Greg's only family and son
Knife Guy - A mercenary who loves the sight of blood and the color red. Has various hidden knives, even between his toes and a spring-loaded knife.
Labcoat Lady - A self-conceited woman mercenary who is very good at tending to wounds (but intentionally messes up), licks her tools clean, uses threads to threaten people to do her bidding, and uses injections to strengthen herself. Traumatized by dogs (after a psychic one bit her arm) and her pride is shattered.
Tough Guy - Friendly braggart mercenary who loves fighting. Doesn't use weapons, just fist-fights. Very powerful, but easily provoked.
Motorcycle Mime - A mercenary mime who owns a fancy motorcycle that can launch a hook and rope, among other things. Doesn't speak.
Mr. Sunglasses - Former bodyguard and third-in-command for a slave ring, who acts cordial with people he's with. Fairly smart but after getting used as the fall guy one too many times, left and found a different job.
Gharol - Orc lady who used to sail around on land ships as a land pirate, who was bodyguard and second-in-command for a slave ring. After her boss failed one too many 'deliveries', she traded her boss and subordinates in exchange, and took over.
Earth Robot - A robot man who really cares about his son and was willing to take any job to pay his son's repair bills. Can control earth as an earthbender. Is now more discerning in his job choice.
Shopelf - An elf lady who runs a magical dog store and thinks dogs are really cute. Sells trained magical animals and doesn't question how they got trained. Is okay with underground animal fighting (but would rather it not happen) and some black market activities, but opposes the worse black market activities because they compete with her almost-legitimate business
Chenth - A lizardman with shiny green scales, who works under the shopelf but works outside to entice more customers
People with birdmasks - Meet up in a private club while wearing birdmasks, because blackmail material can't stick if you're anonymous

Amatheia - A mermaid soldier who tried to be a priestess but who flunked out of it, likes flirting with captives
Coralia - A teenage mermaid who is a prominent priestess for the waterfall cult
Coralia's sister - A mermaid who really cares for her younger sister Coralia

Various others
Bog witch - a Cecaelian master witch who moved into a bog from the ocean, and is researching how to apply magical techniques and potions underwater
Bog witch's apprentice - The bog witch's very vain apprentice who turned women she got jealous of into frogs, until she eventually got punished and turned into a tadpole and won't get turned back until she proves that she knows how to apply herself to studying
Old Woman who sells Jewelry - Old woman in Inside's market street who sells handmade jewelry and tiny glass animals. Some of them have magical properties (negative or positive). Individual pieces of jewelry call for people who see it.
Guy who eloped - some guy who left his hometown (and avoided turning into stone by doing so) to elope with his farmer girlfriend who his parents didn't approve of
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Re: Thursday's things (it's all Harley or June)

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probably time for actual characters, starting with the ones I've used recently


Harley Zorzo
A shapeshifter and mother who uses swords sometimes.
A witch.
A child who can easily transform into a kitten or into a lion- or liongirl-themed Battle Form. Pink eyes, white hair with pink tips, interesting ears like Kyubey's, fluffy white tail. Thinks she's the princess of everywhere. And, not just princess, but Dark Princess.

A Paladin who has two massive swords and sometimes doesn't act stereotypical at all (and sometimes acts way too stereotypical?) and can create magic circles easily and has interestingly themed powers.

A half-succubus (the other half is Paladin but shhhh) (no, probably no relation) who can manipulate Lust energy and other types of energy with enough forethought, alter and remove people's memories pretty easily, and has a strict no-handholding-without-gloves policy

Not June
Was June
Not June?
Sometimes June
what? can you hear me? i don't...what's going on? can you hear me? it's dark, are you there?

Yeah, it's complicated. Distinguishing features are probably the red hair, near-androgynous looks, greenish text color with cc as the middle hex code, eight different Names, and the fact that all of them used to be 'normal' humans at one point (assuming 'normal' humans fall out of the sky and form a crater when landing)
Juleka/Jules/Ji;li;j,j/Juliana/Juka/Jfpohg/Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj/The Scordatura
Shapeshifter who's forgotten her name, identity, and most everything else about herself. Except she does know that she wants to be human, and she likes teasing people. Knows the secret of glasses-girls.

Sirena the Navigator
She's probably from the future. Probably. Has lots of weirdly mish-mash advanced tech, hammerspace, former Magical Girl, has a pink rifle, and is trying to cause a cascading butterfly effect to happen. Knows and can put into practice the secret of glasses-girls.

Red hair. Near-androgynous looks. Always wears a cloak. Somehow can't die, but can still get injured. Never stays in the same place for long, always gets lost in the wilderness when traveling from one place to another. Somehow still human. Humans have their hair turn white, eyes turn red, and get vampire fangs and kiss away both life energy and magic energy roughly once a week-ish until satiated, right? Normal humans end up in as many weird coincidences and misadventures as she does, right? Normal humans can somehow survive everything that she has survived, right? Normal humans, upon being cursed to think they have diplomatic immunity, suddenly convince themselves that they're a princess who was cursed to have their memories altered for some nefarious reason, right? Normal humans, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, still consider themselves a normal human, right?

Obsidian is a dragon, about the size of one of those massive dogs. She can turn into a human-shape (with black hair, purple-sparkly-gold eyes) but can't, for the life of her, tell the difference between one human and the next, and so on. Black scales, eats undead of every variety. Sees based on life force instead of most anything else. Refuses to eat anyone that has friends, though, because that's mean. Only eats undead because they taste a lot better than anything still living (and anything that's not living is absolutely disgusting).
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