Morty's Motley Assortment

Herein lies the various character directory threads for the players
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Morty's Motley Assortment

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Dipsnig Razortooth (he/him), goblin, the CEO of MERC. Former spy turned mercenary.

Fayyaad ibn Haashid al-Zafar (he/him), a tiefling license-holder. Flirty, attractive pyromancer.

Olvisin Zuulit-Obeleck (she/her), a goblin member. Boisterous, energetic gunslinger with cybernetic arms.


Wenomir (he/him), human, master martial artist and co-commander of Vigil. Grim, serious man with a chip on his shoulder.

Calm Reed (she/her), human, Water Aspect Dragon-Blooded monk of the Immaculate Order. Dutiful, serious, stoic martial artist and occultist.


Reelshka Trollfinger (she/her), goblin, one of the campsite's caretakers. Architect, administrator, mother of three.

Brinika Trollfinger (she/her), goblin, Reelshka's teenage niece. Cheasadh's adoptive sister. Curious, outgoing, energetic, musical.

Iknika Darkslope (she/her), goblin, Brinika's older cousin. Training to be a knight. Willful, ambitious, independent.

Tuskfang, Balthuk and Maltrika - Reelshka and Pathfinder's children.

Sophie Mouchabière (she/her), human, Eclipse Caste Solar, GLoG's therapist. Idealistic, perceptive, stubborn and diplomatic.


Michalson Barring (he/him), half-elf, a detective of the Intersection. Tired, disillusioned former adventurer and revolutionary. Has a spark of idealism still burning inside him, buried deep.


Dorota Glińska (she/her), human, alchemist.


Thariza (she/her), Charr.

Askeladd (he/him), human, No Moon Lunar.

The King in Rags (usually he/him), one of the Gentry, formerly ruling in the Fairest of Lands. Has many titles and bodies.

Amalungak (he/him), elf, the King in Rags' servant, a witch and mystic.

Silent Feathers Drifting (he/him), old fey of vitality and fertility, reluctantly serves the King in Rags due to old obligations.

Batu (he/him), hobgoblin, apprentice sorcerer.
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