Deathkeeper's Deluge of Dysfunctional Dolts

Herein lies the various character directory threads for the players
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Deathkeeper's Deluge of Dysfunctional Dolts

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Jacen Vallarm - also known as Jace. A thin man with brown hair fancy blue unicorn and usually seen with his trademark blue cloak. Fireball-tossing demon slayer, magic crafter, his dragon's keeper, and dad.
Doesn't know who Jace Beleren is.
Age: 31
Main skillset: magic blasting and enchanting

Zebes Vallarm - Jace's familiar. A gold-copper dragon roughly the size of a small cat. Snark-tossing supporter of demon slayers, musician, his keeper's dragon, and uncle.
Knows who Jace Beleren is.
Age- 16
Main skillset: sarcasm

Krayger - a seven-foot tall minotaur with a brown coat kept tidy. Usually appears business-formal or shirtless, no middle ground. Professional MERC with decades of combat experience, years of engineering experience, and almost eleven months of magic experience! Current bearer of an exceptionally magic lucerne of lightning. Uncle to Koshal.
Age- 37-ish
Main skillset: building things or smashing built things

Koshal - a six foot minotaur teen with a red-brown coat. Almost always seen in uniform with his sword and his dog, Faye. Endlessly enthusiastic about being a squire and his mentors: Leah, Wenomir, and Uncle Krayger.
Age- 18
Main skillset: swords, JUSTICE

Mist Anders - once fox-changeling, current patron god of the wind for local centaurs. Usually appears as a dark-haired centaur in a nice scarf, or a fox of similar color. Runs the Dancing Fox Inn with his family. Husband of Leah Danir.
Age- 27 (currently immortal)
Main skillset - innkeeper. sneak. Knife-thrower. Divine portfolio: wind, animals, travelers.

Artesia of House Wadjet - Human lady from the waist up, 20-ish foot long snake from the waist down. Shimmery green scales adorn her tail along with gold and blue false eye patterns. Small wings sprout from her arms and head. Fey of the Orobou court. Has no idea how it works. Will try anyway.
Age - 25
Main skillset - medicine, chemistry, paperwork

Sam Bacon - the one and only Spigre! Four-armed, ogre-like with a porcine face. And blue. Doesn't like when you point out he's a pig with the last name of Bacon. Otherwise will not mind jokes about his appearance. Chief chef at MERC. Wielder of the mighty sword Steve and also a keyblade. Is technically a clone of the original Sam Bacon. Roommate to Lucy. Possibly dating Eun?
Age- 22-ish (technically 5-ish)
Main skillset: cooking, hugs

Spako Highclaws - Brass dragon, often appears as a winged kobold. Rune mage, swordmaster. Mate of Sylvess, father of Drassin, Imbaeris, Meirhin, Heuldranwm, Hiedie, Nasir, and Bhoreldis
Age - adult, never wrote it down
Main skillset: swords, magic, making Sylvess blush

G'nichi - Qilin/green-dragon hybrid. 7-ish feet tall, bipedal dragon-person with shiny green scales and a qilin's ultra-soft fluffy tail, mane and mustache. Bearer of the Bracelet of Celestial arms, the weapons that appear from which sometimes even listen to him.
Age - 18 (20-ish lizard years!)
Main Skillset - weapons, getting injured, getting in over his head

Nick Richards - Part time griffin, part time human. Chief of Intersection. Ex-sniper. Husband of Geneva.
Age - 32 or something
Main Skillset - large caliber firearms, bureaucracy, making Geneva sputter

Jim Puck - a goat-legged faun with a long tail. curly hair, and olive skin. Apprentice to the toymaker and archmage "Sticks." Dating Jaahlyn. Himself an illusionist, light-mage and toymaker. Has a winged homonculus, Barnabas.
Age - early twenties
Main Skillset- light and illusion magic, crafting, music

Mina Tososora - absolutely massive blonde-furred minotaur. Tends to wear casual clothing that belies her appearance. Sometimes moonlights as the robed Skyside heroine Tempest. Otherwise attends Inside University with a major in Archaeology. Wielder of Sai.
Age - 22
Main Skillset - martial arts

Steven Primerra - splits time between shadow vulpan and shadow dragon shapes. Husband to Caroline Primerra and head priest of Tamamo's faith (Nexus Branch). Wielder of the spirit-possessed katana Eclipse.
Age - thirties
Main Skillset- divine spells, katana iaiajutsu

Henry Vadnova - ghostly sharkperson and second-youngest Vadnova sibling.
Age - 19
Main Skillset: ghostly abilities, swimming

Rowan Elkthorn - "completely harmless" draconic bakery-warlock. Exceptionally large.
Age - 20
Main skillset: baking, arcane or otherwise
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