Felandria’s Frens

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Felandria’s Frens

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Alias: None
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Half Elf/Half Storm Giant
Age: 26
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class/Profession: Sorceress.
Power Rating: A-
Description: See Avatar

Height: 13' (Varies wildly depending on mood, ranges between a couple inches and over 1000')
Weight: 1400 lbs. (See Height)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Violet

Long limbed, narrow waist, slightly chesty, toned yet willowy, shoulder length red hair.

Personality: She knows how attractive she is, as a result, she can seem a bit stuck up, but she's fiercely loyal to friends and family, flirty in an intimidating way, if she wants something, some guy might jump at the chance to provide it, just to have her smile at him, she's always been taller than most, even before her recent changes, so she has always had to try not to come off as aggressive, especially towards other girls, so as not to come off as haughty and superior.

She won't hesitate to mock her friends playfully, however. (Her best friend is a dwarf and they constantly bicker and call each other names, but each would gladly risk their lives for the other)

Equipment: A +1 Longsword and Shield, each with the insignia of a stormcloud on them, as well as a +2 Greatclub covered in Giant runes.

In addition to the HoGD, she wears rings of Protection and Sustenance, an amulet of Natural Armor, a pearl of power, bracers of armor and a headband of Mental Prowess.

She has a Handy Haversack to carry the larger than usual everyday items an adventurer of her size requires, as well as her pair of Immovable Rods.

She also has a holster with a wand on each hip, one of Magic Missile lvl 9 and one of Cure Moderate Wounds.

Abilities: She has the Stormborn Bloodline in addition to her normal spell list, she also can use Righteous Might, a spell granted to her by a king's wizard as reward for completing a dangerous mission.

After defeating The Labyrinth, she earned the powers of size and shape manipulation, allowing her to change her appearance and size at will.

Backstory: Growing up, Felandria's mother never spoke of her father, even when asked repeatedly over the years.

Despite being tall and beautiful, Felandria, being a half elf, has always felt the disdain the pure elves have for halfbreeds like her and resents their arrogance.

For many years, she has had a recurring dream in which she has become the queen of the elves, in the dream, she's a giant, the elves knee high to her, she came into power without bloodshed and leads them with benevolence and kindness, instilling into them an understanding that the half elves should be welcomed, not shunned and both races eventually put their enmity aside and become united.

After reaching adulthood, she immediately decided to become an adventurer, deciding the dreams were a sign she was destined to unite the elven races, after helping some other villagers defeat a giant boar that attacked the village, they formed a party and set out to seek their fortune.

They defeated a necromancer that was raising the dead, in his dungeon, she found a sword and shield with a stormcloud insignia on them, something deep inside her told her she needed them, like they belonged to her.

Their kingdom was soon plagued by dark forces, the party made their way to the king and warned him of the danger, he sent them to gather information in the underdark, where they discovered maps pointing to a series of gates, several of which they had encountered previously, each beset by peril, the party and the king determined that someone or something was determined to destroy all the gates, and not knowing what would happen if the gates were destroyed, he sent the party to investigate the remaining gates and keep them safe.

They located the next gate in an icy cave, they were attacked by a large wormlike creature that gave off heat to tunnel through the ice, Felandria found a stone tablet that enabled her to give commands to the creature, the tablet was written in Giant, a language she didn't know she understood.

They found a dais under an archway frozen in ice, using the creature to melt the ice, they found a shield identical to the one Felandria found before, they find a slot for a sword, Felandria sticks the sword inside, but nothing happens, her sword is too small for the slot, the cave begins to tremble, and huge roars are heard rumbling through the cave, Felandria uses Enlarge Person and tries the sword again, it fits perfectly and Felandria is struck with a blast of energy, the gate activates and Felandria discovers her size is now permanent.

She quickly deciphers the runes and opens the gate to the first location they can find before whatever is coming for them shows up.

They step through the gate and discover themselves on top of a mountain.

Mount Olympus.

An older, bearded man arrives through the gate right after them and thanks them for opening the gate so he could return home, he sees Felandria and introduces himself as her father.


He and the Olympians were the protectors of the gates back when they first created the other races, but time and other changes in the world have weakened them, endangering the gates, when Felandria activated the gate, her true bloodline awakened, her dreams were her subconscious hinting at what she really was.

It is now her destiny to maintain the gates and keep the colossal dragon they ward off from awakening and destroying everything.

Having defeated the threat to the gates, Felandria and her party have temporarily seperated, seeking more powerful equipment and magic items, as well as other worthy souls willing to help defend the gates.

Felandria paired with a mysterious figure who called himself Barry to successfully escape The Labyrinth, earning a wish from the powerful being known as Steve.

She gained the powers of Shape and size manipulation, allowing her to change her form and size at will.

She has been intimate with Steve recently and feels a deep connection with him, but it's nowhere near being exclusive, and she has inherited her father's prodigious carnal appetite.

She also has inherited the Greek gods' tendency to get bored easily and seek out new stimuli frequently, recently offering her services to GLoG and HALO and taking a job as the bouncer at Mr. Ritzzz's Casino, until fleeing the casino during a shoot out, hopping into Decker's TARDIS.

She recently met Lynette, a half-angel, part elf human? Who, due to an incident with an ancient artifact, is as big as Felandria, they hit it off immediately:smallbiggrin:

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between them :smallfrown::smallmad::smallfurious::smallfrown::smalleek::smallfrown:

Felandria is currently attempting to make a name for herself as the Nexus's superhero.

She also owns a MagDonald's franchise in Skyside and has taken a position at Zafflebrod's Academy.

The MagDonald’s franchise has been converted into The Olympian Barcade and Restaurant, an awesome place you should have been to by now.

Her house served as VIGIL headquarters for a while, but is now occupied by Fel and her roommate, Honeysuckle.

She also got elected to city council, and though she has never been to a meeting, because there haven’t been any, she had defended the city from a giant demonic construct, so she hasn’t been entirely derelict.
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