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SPIRE: The City Must Fall OOC/Interest Check

Posted: Sep 17, 2022 7:35 am
by Artemis
You are a drow. Your home is the mysterious, ancient Spire Two hundred years ago, the light elves came and conquered and now rule. You are a member of the Ministry, a cult-like military organization which aims to restore the drow as rulers of the Spire. Who or what will you sacrifice to meet your goals?

This is just an interest check and a place we can talk about SPIRE and possibly post characters I know some of you made a while back. Now I've lost my book to recent computer trouble, so I can't look up anything, but I wanted to get the ball rolling.


Re: SPIRE: The City Must Fall OOC/Interest Check

Posted: Sep 18, 2022 1:26 am
by Ironsmith
Well, I'll admit to being interested for being beaten to the punch on putting something on this forum.

...But know absolutely nothing about what goes into SPIRE apart from that. What would we be in for?

Re: SPIRE: The City Must Fall OOC/Interest Check

Posted: Sep 18, 2022 11:57 am
by Meowmai
I am interested!

I have not written up her personality/background details yet but, back when i played a a three shot of Spire with my group I made two characters, and did not use one but who I still wanted to play. So behold, Val'esha! My weirdo cannibal priest.

Information Broker Carrion Priest:

Resistances: +2 Blood, +3 Reputation, +2 Shadow
Skills: Pursue, Sneak, Investigate
Domains: Religion, Low Society
Refresh: Complete a hunt, and take my quarry.

You have a street-level bond with the faithful of charnel – a collection of worshippers of the corpse-eater god who live in New Heaven. Name three of them, and what’s weird about them.
You have a bond with another PC who you have helped deal with a death – either by guiding them through the grieving process or disposing of the body. Say who it was, and who died.

Equipment: Leathers and Robes (Armor 2), Hyena (Hallowed), War Cleaver (D6), Preyhook (D3, Ranged, Stunning).

  • Hyena: Choose two commands. At the beginning of my turn, choose one of these commands to give to my hyena which it obeys as long as it can hear me.
    (1) Scent: When they sniff around a scene for clues, do so with Mastery.
    (2) Fetch: When I hunt down a target I can see or hear, do so with Mastery.
  • Lay of the Land: When you enter a dangerous situation, you can name up to three features or opportunities that your allies can take advantage of. The first time you or an ally uses an opportunity, they roll with mastery (for example: cover with a good view of the battlefield, an exit, a badly-guarded door, a stack of barrels, etc).
  • Cackle [Divine]: +1 Reputation. Mark D3 stress to Mind or Body to unleash a nightmarish cackle in concert with your hyena that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies (and anyone else within earshot). For the next minute or so, if your enemies have a difficulty rating, it is one lower.
  • Rip and Tear: When you inflict stress in melee combat, re-roll the stress dice if it shows 1. If it shows the maximum number (i.e. 6 on a D6, 8 on a D8), roll it again and add both together.

I have no idea if we actually plan on doing ttrpg stuff but hey, this stuff will still help demonstrate her vibe a little so why not

Re: SPIRE: The City Must Fall OOC/Interest Check

Posted: Sep 19, 2022 1:42 am
by Artemis
I was kind of thinking going semi-freeform with this. It's easy enough for folks to roll their own fallout and such, and SPIRE is very story heavy.

Good News! I've gotten a copy of the book again. There's lots of interesting plot hooks in there. Which direction would folks want to go? I've also gotten ahold of a small campaign, I could pull ideas from.

If you guys want to talk more immediately/quickly about this, ping me in Discord in Traditional RPGs?

Re: SPIRE: The City Must Fall OOC/Interest Check

Posted: Sep 29, 2022 8:56 pm
by Recaiden
Spire was interesting. Never did get into a game of it.

How brainwashed and crazy and super-competent do you expect the player characters (such as they are) to be?

Re: SPIRE: The City Must Fall OOC/Interest Check

Posted: Sep 30, 2022 1:17 am
by Artemis
I mean, the Spire is dangerous. I expect there to be more character death here than we'd have in regular FFRP. But probably less than a regular Spire game, too. There's ways to cheat death, but they're costly.

I figured everyone would start at the base level and gain from there? According to the book every time there's a big change in a street/neighborhood/the spire, you gain traits. So if we get a lot of action, there should be plenty of room for improvement. Of course, you could just RP your advancements too.