Meow's Marvelous Morons (or Bird's Beautiful Bints)

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Meow's Marvelous Morons (or Bird's Beautiful Bints)

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This is my assembly of dipshits, some of whom I even play!
Main Cast

Kestrel Nankeen: A curious and cheery young bird-girl archer and adventurer. She simply wants to explore the world and have fun but her naïve and foolish nature inevitably leads her into all kinds of trouble.

Elizabeth Welles: A young smart catgirl looking to turn away from her life of crime and use her skills for good as a hacktivist. She's a huge nerd and an equally huge coward though, so don't expect her to take a stand when her life is on the line.

Pania Waikaha: An angry human psion and warrior grappling to control her powers and seeking vengeance against those who experimented on her. She's new to the Nexus and a fresh member of MERC.

Atsede Nnadi: A teenage delinquent Changeling whose soul is entangled with that of an angel's, and is doing everything she can to rebel against her strict and highly religious parents. This mostly involves getting into a lot of trouble at school and doing some very stupid things.

Sylvia Brownlow: An anxious and skittish Lapin (bunny-girl) trying to find the courage to leave home and escape her families pressures. She spends most of her time reading, writing, drawing, and freaking out over anything trivial.
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